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Melody Pena

SciFi & Fantasy Artwork by Melody Pena

Melody loves people, even if they are just humans.Please stop by and say howdy!
Elfwood Patron

"flapcats(tm) painted in various colors
'Paint your own' paw up dragon
1 kirin.jpg
11-12 grab bag editions of supernatural candy corns.jpg
2 bengal flapcats (tm)
3kirin card
3kirin sketch 1 .jpg
a cover the veliget 1 copy.jpg
Albino Kirin.jpg
Aluminum foil centaur sculpture
anatomy of lion wings
artic fox sparkle.jpg
Attack of the clutter weasels
Baby griffin sitting
baby winged meerkat
bat horse.jpg
Bengal Grand unicornWindsotne editions.jpg
brown griffin family
Candy the 9 2011 raffle prize.jpg
Celadon Fledgling dragon
circle of cats card design
Clay flizzard head
crouching griffin chick
CuttlePoad#3_pic1 cr .jpg
Demon llama
domesticated thing ,with saddle
domesticated thing ,with saddle,detail
dragon petting zoo
Easter bunny Krampus.jpg
Female griffin
Female Griffin head detail
female yard dragon wip copy.jpg
final plaster cast of the 'Paw Up' dragon
Flizzard paint sample
Flizzard, final version
foo puppy face 300.jpg
foo puppy side 300.jpg
four leggged turkey2.jpg
Garden Spirit Wolf
gargoyle egg eyes.jpg
Golden Secret Keeper
Gothic unicorns, paint tests
grab bag Young Unicorns.jpg
griffacampus seagull card
griffin chick in nest cr.jpg
Griffin sculpture, in plaster
Hatching Llama
Infant dragon
jeweled dino,detail
jeweled dinosaur
Kirin doe.jpg
Kirin sketches
Kitty Griffin
Koi Sun Dragon.jpg
kurvette buck with hummers 1.jpg
large pegasus
Lion Kirin
Little curled dragon
little pewter fairy
little rock dragon
Lots of Poads cr.jpg
love griffin
Oriental Moon dragon
Paint unicorn
painted female foo front.jpg
painted female foo r side.jpg
Paw up dragon , paint sample
Pegasus card
pegasus detail
pegasus mares test paint colors
Przewalski's Pegasus
PrzewalskisBabyUnis Windstone Editions.jpg
pyo flap cat.jpg
PYO kitty griffin.jpg
pyoLH flapcat.jpg
Quagga pegasus
rainbow and white frogs
rainbow fox.jpg
Rooster with horns
Rough clay griffin
Rough clay original Paw Up dragon
Savannah griffins.jpg
Spirit wolf head
standing fem with theropods.jpg
tea female foo two sides.jpg
The Veligent page 76
theropod chick jpg
Truce angel
Truce angel,detail profile
unnamed dragon.jpg
Vampire bat
winged tortoiseM.Pena Windstone Editions.jpg
wizard cat flame.jpg
wizard mouse
Wizard's House
Wizard's House detail
Wizard's House top view
young zeppard poads tm.jpg
Zeppard Male Unicorn

1 Nov 2012:-) Faith Gerhardt
Your website is so cool! I wish I could buy something but I don’t have enough money. Maybe one day I can get something! I also have new art up come look when you have time!
22 Jan 201345 Nancy
Hi, I have a Windstone Editions 1992 white mother pegasus and would like to know it’s value. Can you help me? Thanks!

:-) Melody Pena replies: "Here is a link to a topic on the Windstone forum about the value of pieces: http://windstoneeditions.com/forum/windstone-
There is a link within that topic to a database of all the prices that re-sold Windstones have sold for on ebay.

The amount they sell for varies depending on the condition and rarity of the item.

9 Apr 2013:-) Kit CW Kederich
I first saw your art in some prints. I have one, entitled ’Wizard’. Seems to me there were two of that series,,, and I wish I could find the other! Glad to see you here.1

:-) Melody Pena replies: "Hi! Yes, those prints have been "sold out" for years.
There were two wizard prints, a large one and a small one. We printed them in both color and black and white. We no longer sell prints , but sometimes you can find them on Ebay.
Thank you for visiting my gallery here!
Here is a link to our website if you’d like to see more recent stuff: http://windstoneeditions.com/"
3 Jun 201345 T. Swift
I have 2 amazing prints of your dragons, one is "Dragon with babies" and the other is of a male dragon, presumably the daddy. I can’t seem to find the male print anywhere online, is there a link or a website I can find it at? Thank you!

:-) Melody Pena replies: " We no longer sell the prints, so we don’t have them pictured on our website.
If you search on "Melody Pena prints" you might find an image of it.I could only find one.

We do have an interesting website, if you’d like to see more recent stuff: http://windstoneeditions.com/
Thank you for asking!
17 Jul 201345 Gersif Galsana
Hi there from Deviantart! Just found you here. I’m thinking of joining Elfwood again. Was here a few years ago. Found you by sheer accident here, was passing by and someone faved you on the front page and I recognised a li’l dragon immediately 2

:-) Melody Pena replies: "Hello! Good to see you here!"
9 Aug 2013:-) Genalee Simon
I’m such a fan of your sculptures! You’re gallery is amazing!
3 Sep 2013:-) Briana Kealani Adams
I just purchased a Brown Mother Dragon sculpture at an anime convention, and I had a really hard time choosing between her and a green dragon of the same mold... I may have to order that one, as well. I’m a real sucker for dragons, and your casts and painting are glorious. I love my new dragon~ I’m glad I found you!
19 Feb 2014:-) Eddie bob Bowers
I like your work.

:-) Melody Pena replies: "Thank you!"
18 Apr 2014:-) Sue Finney
Hi thanks for sending me an email,I have just got you message & have had a look at you website.oh my goodness boy do you have some awesome stuff,I love the Grimalkin Candle Lamp & the Circle of Cats Candle Lamp,well you have so many I actually like most of them.
4 Jul 2014:-) Gary Gibson
Happy Independence Day! How did you celebrate? How are you? What’s new?

:-) Melody Pena replies: "Lets see... nothing, and not much!
Working on new sculpture, but hats not new in itself..
How’s your cat alarm?"
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